January 2019 Oak Bay Real Estate Statistics

As of January 31st there were 15 new completed sales in Oak Bay. Average Sales price was $1,679,293.00 at 63 Days on market. There were 5 other properties unconditional but yet to close.

-2 sales in Estevan-Average Price-$1,112,500.00-103 Days on market-average 19% under assessed

-1 sales in Gonzales-Average Price-$3,175,000 Waterfront Home-21 Days on market-average 6% over assessed

-5 sales in Henderson-Average Price-$994,000-63 Days on market-average 10% under assessed

-1 sale North Oak Bay-Average Price-$1,100,000.00-127 Days on market-average 19% over assessed

-7 sales in South Oak Bay-Average Price-$1,347,857.00-60 Days on market-average 19% over assessed

-4 sales in the Uplands-Average Price-$2,664,851.00-80 Days on market-average 15% below assessed

There are currently 53 Available homes in Oak Bay 4 are Waterfront and two waterfront lots. They range from $825,000.00 on Townley to $15,000,000.00 on Humber.

There are 5 Townhomes available from $985,000.00 to $1,095,000.00.

There are 15 Condominiums available from $275,000.00 to $2,780,000.00.

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